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Turtle Protection

Twenty years ago the olive-ridley turtle was near extinction in this area of Mexico. Cuixmala undertook a major turtle protection program, collecting the turtle eggs to shelter them from predators and poachers and then releasing the baby turtles to the sea at the optimum time of day. The result has been a remarkable increase in the number of turtle nests along our beaches primarily due to the release of almost 700,000 newly hatched turtles since the program began making it one of the world’s most successful turtle protection programs. Guests at Cuixmala have the opportunity to participate in the program by helping to collect the  turtle eggs or by helping to release the hatchlings.




Coconut Plantation

The organic coconut plantation provides a year around blanket of green between the ocean and hills at Cuixmala. The well adapted palms thrive in the local climate and are an example of local floral and fauna co-existing with an organic farm. Coati mundi, iguana and tropical birds are seen daily within the plantation.