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Cuixmala Wins Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award

Cuixmala has won Virtuoso’s Best of the Best Award for Sustainable Tourism Leadership.


Bird Watching at Cuixmala


MX WW recce (coast) list condensed

Wild Wings from Sherman Oaks, CA recently visited Cuixmala and compiled a list of birds they observed while scouting the property. Wild Wings plans to offer bird watching tours of both the Hacienda de San Antonio and Cuixmala in the coming months.

Whale Spotting Off the Cuixmala Coast

Marine Mammals on the Cuixmala Coast

You may find up to 24 species of whales and dolphins off the coast of Cuixmala .
These mammals belong to the order Cetacea and are included in six families with variations of formidable size and weight from 25 kg to 160000 kg. Read more

Organic Farms and the Freshest Organic Cuisine


Our organic cuisine is made from ingredients from our own organic farms and usually harvested the same day.

Puma at Cuixmala


One of the endangered large cats that is protected at Cuixmala due in part by the work of the Cuixmala Foundation is the Puma. Conservation efforts have ensured the continuance of this majestic creature in the area. Read more

Deer at Cuixmala


Deer at Cuixmala

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White-nosed Coati


The White-nosed Coati is a playful, harmless creature that most guests will have the opportunity to see while staying at Cuixmala. With a diet of fruit, insects and eggs, Cuixmala provides the Coati with an abundant habitat. Females, babies and young adults live in social groups and can often be seen in the area around the coconut plantation.

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