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More About Pumas at Cuixmala


By protecting the habitat, Cuixmala has successfully protected the Puma. Remote cameras have made regular sightings within jungle areas.

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Organic Farms and the Freshest Organic Cuisine


Our organic cuisine is made from ingredients from our own organic farms and usually harvested the same day.

Turtle Release


One of the most rewarding experiences at Cuixmala is to participate in the release of recently hatched baby turtles. The releases are done at night to minimize the risk from predators. The biologists and guests who want to join them place the young turtles on the sand and the turtles instinctively make their way to the water. Cuixmala boasts one of the most successful turtle protection programs in the world.

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Cuixmala Wildlife


The protected environment of Cuixmala’s Ecological Reserve provides a habitat to a wide range of Wildlife such as wild boars, coyote, foxes, rabbits, deer and more exotic animals such as jaguars, pumas and ocelots.

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Puma at Cuixmala


One of the endangered large cats that is protected at Cuixmala due in part by the work of the Cuixmala Foundation is the Puma. Conservation efforts have ensured the continuance of this majestic creature in the area. Read more

Crocodile Close-up


An ongoing research program by the Cuixmala Ecological Foundation is recording the behavior of crocodiles. In this particular instance the crocodile seems fascinated by the camera and ready for its close-up. Read more

Ocelots at Cuixmala


The Ocelot is a stunning creature sometimes referred to as a dwarf leopard as its markings and body type resemble that of the bigger African leopard. Like most exotic cats the ocelot is becoming rarer due to encroachment of its habitat and poaching, however in the protected environment of Cuixmala they continue to exist as does the smaller Margay or Tigrillo. Read more